IHG Holiday Inn Munich City Center, Children Free and more, our trip to Munich ðŸ˜Š

Dear Travelers,

our last trip, as you have seen from our photos was Munich,

we are very fascinated by this city, it is very welcoming, clean and suitable for families …

We stayed at Holiday Inn City Center Munich

you must know that this hotel chain has a special program dedicated to families, it is called “Kids eat free” up to two children under 18 who sleep in their parents’ room, stay free and children under 12 can eat for free both lunch and dinner, compared to a paying adult for a course

As you think! It is not wonderful and great for families !!!!!

Our structure was nothing short of wonderful,

we arrived with our hand luggage, and I must say that they are very comfortable and so everyone has their own, thanks to Travelonbags for the collaboration

Entered the lobby we were fascinated by the lobby, welcoming and stylish, the staff very kind … despite my poor English ahahaha😱😱😱😂😂.

While we were waiting to register, Jacopo relaxed trying to play the Playstation 4 with Fifa 19,

in the Lobby for the younger guests we find an area for them, two consoles available, and for the big two Mac work stati n to check work emails and eventually print important documents comfortably, an extra convenience for us guests.

We arrived late Afternon and we were quite tired,

in the room we found a sweet thought on the part of the director who we thank again Jacopo just saw his bed let himself go immediately to the test of the mattress … .. very godo

The room is very crazy and the sofa turns into a double bed, so two children can safely sleep with their parents, quiet and really well furnished rooms.

A small corner is also available for guests to have a cup of coffee

From our window a breathtaking skyline over the city, we could not sleep with the curtains pulled to aim all the beauty of Monaco at night.

After a good night’s sleep, and having organized the program of the day,

we were already mouth watering at the idea of ​​trying the Bavarian breakfast

waiting for us in the Grat3 room

mammaaaa …… what delicacies …

country that you go, custom that proves

think that they have fresh honey directly from the apiary, a delicacy

We chose to go out on foot, but you must know that the comfort of this structure is that from inside the hotel you enter a shopping arcade where we find two supermarkets and the subway that in two stops takes us directly into the center,

five minutes, while we walk in less than 20 minutes we get there, it is a nice walk, which takes us directly across the door Isartor, the oldest in Monaco, passing it we are directly in the center.

During our walk, just a few meters from the hotel, is the Deutsche Museum, the science museum.

which we then visited, really deserves, a whole day and not enough.

We were able to witness the experiment of the Faraday cage ….. like many little children with their little nose up to see the wonder of Science

Travelers today we told you about the structure we worked with and where I have to say we already felt the lack in closing our suitcases

in the next days we will tell you about our 3 days spent discovering this new place.

We thank Holiday Inn for welcoming us with open arms and given the opportunity to get to know their program, and we thank Travelonbags for accompanying us.

To Early Travelers Nico Elisa Jacopo



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